Starting Off Tutorial

Signal if Necessary

Signals should be given to help other road users, to warn or inform them of your intent. When moving off, if you see oncoming traffic or pedestrians, you must signal. Timing of the signal is important. You must not signal too early, or too late or for too long.

Mirrors Signal Manoeuvre
Position Speed Look


If you stall the car try and keep calm. This isn't usually considered a serious fault. However, if you panic, restart the engine and drive off without checking your mirrors and blind spot, it will be. If you do stall the engine at any time during your test you must follow this procedure:

Cockpit Drill

On your test remember to carry out the cockpit drill before you move off. This involves the following checks, to be done before you turn the key in the ignition.

Road Position

Once moving you will need to steer to a normal driving position. This is about a metre from the kerb. To do this, turn the steering wheel slightly to the right as you move off. When you reach the correct position, turn the steering wheel slightly left so that you can steer a straight course.

Read more on road positioning and lane discipline.

On your driving test, when moving off, the examiner will expect you to:

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