How to Do a Basic Left Turn

On your driving test, when performing a Basic Left Turn, the examiner will expect you to:

The examiner will also be looking to see that you:

REMEMBER - When performing a basic left turn, watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists & pedestrians, as they are not always easy to see. If pedestrians are crossing a road into which you are turning, then you must give way to them if they are already on the road.

Mirrors Signal Manoeuvre

Position Speed Look

How To Turn Into A Side Road

When you first see the junction, you should check your mirrors to assess the speed and position of the following traffic.

Indicate left to let other road users know you intend to turn left. You must give the signal in good time - neither too early nor too late. If you indicate too early, another road user may think you are about to pull up at the side of the road.

A normal driving position, which is about a metre from the herb, is the correct position for making a left turn. If you need to change your direction slightly, first check your exterior mirror in the direction you intend to move.

Once in the correct position, you will need to adjust your speed. Ease off the accelerator to start with, but use the footbrake in good time so that following traffic has enough time to react to your brake light signals.

When you are travelling slowly enough, select the appropriate gear.

As you are slowing down and changing gear, you should still be watching the corner for more information. Look as far into the new road as you can, and then decide whether or not it is safe to proceed.

Look out for any danger from emerging traffic, or obstructions just around the corner. Be particularly careful about pedestrians.

Anticipate the point of turn when the front of your car reaches the corner. You must not turn too soon because of the danger that the rear wheels may take a short cut across the kerb. Neither should you swing out just before the turning, as you could move into the path of other vehicles.

Steer smoothly so that you follow the line of the corner. Once on the new road, check your mirrors again to make sure it is safe to build up speed again. Make sure your indicator signal has been cancelled.

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