Turn in the Road Tutorial

On your test, if asked to perform the turn in the road (three point turn) manoevure the examiner will expect you to turn the car round:

The examiner will also be looking to see that you:

Remember: on your test you do not have to perform the turn in the road manoeuvre in just three turns.

The key to performing a turn in the road successfully is to make sure that you move the car as slowly as you can while steering briskly.

Although you should aim to make as few turns as possible, on a narrow road you may need to take up to seven turns. So a three-point turn can actually be a seven-point turn.

Rolling the car - Applying the handbrake
To help water drainage, many roads are curved (have a camber). When performing a turn in the road manoevure, the road camber can cause a car to roll forwards or backward. To prevent this, it is good practice to use the handbrake - as seen in the video tutorials.

Road Camber

Three Point Turn

Turn in Road Position

As you near the kerb, turn the steering wheel to the left.

Thre Point Turn Position

End up near the kerb with your wheels turned to the right.

A to B

As soon as you start to move forward, steer rapidly to the right (clockwise) until it is in 'full lock'. When you are about a metre from the kerb, start turning the wheel back to the left. As you near the kerb, push the clutch pedal down and brake to a stop.

B to C

When safe to do so, move off in reverse gear. Creep slowly backward, turning the steering while rapidly to the left until it is in 'full lock'. When you are over the centre of the road, look over your right shoulder so that you can judge your distance from the kerb and turn the steering wheel rapidly to the right. Stop just before reaching the kerb.

C to D

When safe to do so, select first gear and creep forwards, slowly turning the steering wheel to right until you are in the normal driving position.

Dealing With Other Road Users

If you have just started moving, whether going forwards or in reverse, and you see another vehicle approaching, stop and let it go by. However, if you are already in or near the centre of the road and you see a vehicle approach, it is best to continue with the manoeuvre.

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