Theory Test Case Study

A case study represents a driving scenario. You will need to read the case study and then answer five questions based on it.

A case study represents a driving scenario. You will need to read the case study and then answer five questions based on it. The questions test whether you have truly understood and can apply the driving theory knowledge in a practical and typical driving situation.

Case Study Example

You are going to visit your cousin who lives in the next town. You have a road atlas in your car although you have been before and know the route really well. You also have your mobile phone and have promised to call your cousin if you get delayed. On the way you find that a country lane you usually travel on is flooded and decide to turn back.

Qu.1 You are on a country lane and see that it is flooded ahead. How can you judge the depth of water? Choose one answer.

A. park at the roadside and wait for another vehicle to drive through

B. drive through slowly and keep checking through the side window

C. look for a depth gauge at then roadside

D. get out of your vehicle and wade in

Correct answer: C

Qu.2 You find that you can't judge the depth of the water so you decide to turn around. The road is quite narrow. The best method of turning would be: Choose one answer.

A. to give a signal and make a quick U-turn

B. turn around in the road using forward and reverse gears

C. reverse back down the country lane until you find a farm entrance to turn into

D. drive slowly forward to a wider section of road to turn around in.

Correct answer: B

Qu.3 You have turned around on the narrow country lane because you can't follow your usual route. The best thing to do to find a new route would be to: Choose one answer.

A. call you cousin to ask for directions as you drive back towards the main road

B. drive on slowly whilst checking your road atlas

C. find a safe place to pull in and consult your road atlas

D. wait until you are back on the main road before calling your cousin for help

Correct answer: C

Qu.4 On the way back to the main road you are delayed by a slow-moving farm vehicle ahead. You are worried about being late and should: Choose one answer.

A. sound your horn so the driver of the farm vehicle will get out of your way

B. follow the farm vehicle closely so you can overtake at the earliest opportunity

C. pull out to overtake even though the road is very narrow

D. keep well back from the farm vehicle so you can see well ahead

Correct answer: D

Qu.5 You decide to let your cousin know that you will be late. You should: Choose one answer.

A. find a safe place to pull in and make a call on your mobile phone

B. rely on your hands-free kit to keep you safe whilst you make a call

C. stop and get out of your car to make the call

D. drive slowly and send a text message to your cousin

Correct answer: A

The image below shows you how the question will appear when you actually take the theory test.

Theory Test case study