Driving test


Some disqualified drivers may need to re-take the driving test, or take an extended driving test, prior to regaining their full driving licence.

Depending on the severity of the driving offense committed, and the length of the driving ban, the court can order the banned driver to take an extended driving test if they have been convicted of

A normal-length driving test may be imposed on drivers who have been disqualified for other endorsable offenses.

The Extended Driving Test
The duration of this test is around 70 minutes. The normal driving test last around 40 minutes. As can be expected the extended test examines a drivers ability to drive safely on a wide range of roads and in all types of traffic conditions. The standard of driving required is no higher than the standard needed to pass the normal practical driving test but the extra time involved is supposed to make it more demanding.

As with the normal practical driving test you must score no more than fifteen minor driving errors or one dangerous or serious driving error.

You will have to successfully perform one of the following exercises:

You may also be required to perform an emergency stop.

New to the test is the independent driving section. This section last for around ten minutes and will require you to drive by following signs, following a series of verbal directions or a combination of both.

The New Drivers Act

This states that if you receive six or more penalty points within two years of passing your practical driving test, your driving license will be revoked and you will be banned from driving.

This means you will have to reapply for your provisional license and then retake and pass both the theory and practical tests.

All penalty points are taken into account even fixed penalty points incurred from speeding or having tyres that have insufficient tread.