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Eco Driving

Driving economically will not only help you reduce the cost of driving by reducing your fuel consumption but will also help you reduce your vehicle's greenhouse gas emissions and the negative impact your vehicle has on the environment.

Fuel cost is a major factor in any car driver's expenditure so making sure your car is performing at maximum efficiency will help you save money on fuel bills.

Here are our top eco driving tips.

Hazard Awareness and Planning Ahead

While driving you should constantly be scanning all around. Early recognition of potential hazards is will mean you are able to anticipate problems early and take appropriate action in plenty of time. This will help you avoid late braking and harsh acceleration, both of which lead to higher fuel consumption.

Choose The Right Car

The single, best thing you can do to save fuel is buy a fuel efficient car. Generally speaking. the smaller the engine size, the smaller your fuel bill. Diesel engines are also more fuel efficient than petrol engines.

Cars with automatic transmissions use about 10 percent more fuel than similar models with manual transmissions.