Driving School Glossary

Block Booking Discount
Book a block of say 10 lessons and pay up front and receive a discount on the hourly rate.

Code of Practice
A code of practice drawn up by the DSA and the main ADI organizations that places emphasis on professional standards and business ethics i.e. how the driving school or instructor should treat you their customer.

CRB Checked
Means that the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) has vetted the instructor. CRB checks are now compulsory for all new ADI's. This ensures that all potential driving instructors (PDI) and existing ADI’s meet the 'fit and proper' criterion i.e. haven't been convicted of any crimes that would render them unsuitable for jobs in the driving instructor industry.

An advance driving test administered by the DIA.

Where the instructor picks you up at the start of the lessons and then drops you off at the end of the lesson at a location of your choice.

Dual Controls
A system that allows the driving instructor, sitting in the front passenger seat to take control of the brake and accelerator.

Free Use of Car on Driving Test
When taking your practical driving test you are likely to use you instructors car. Some instructors charge you for this others offer you the car for free.

Full Hours Lesson
A promise that the driving lesson will last a full hour (or what ever duration paid for) and not be cut short by the instructor driving you home in the last ten minutes of the lesson.

Green Badge
A badge displayed in the training car of a fully qualified driving instructor - green badge

High Pass Rate
A claim that an instructor's or school's pass rate, how many of their students pass the practical driving test, is higher than the national average. Technically it is unlawful for driving schools to provide proof of their pass rates as giving out such information would violate the Data Protection Act.

Institute of Advanced Motorists. A member will have passed an advanced driving test. The standard of this test is based on the police system of car control as taught in Home Office Approved Police Driving Schools. This qualification is recognized as the highest driving qualification in the world.

In Car Theory Training
Theory training that takes place in car, during lesson time. Usually delivered via a laptop.

In Car Video
A system that records your driving lesson to video. This can then be played back and analysis.

Intensive Driving Courses
An intensive block of driving lessons, say 30 hours delivered over a five day period, ending with the practical driving test. Also know as quick pass or crash courses.

Mock Driving Tests
The driving school provides mock practical driving tests so that you can see if you're capable of passing the test. These tests are not taken with an official driving test examiner but an ADI.

Motorway Lessons
Lessons for qualified drivers on how to drive on a motorway.

No Car Sharing
Not having to share the car with another student whilst taking a lesson.

One-to-One Tuition
Where only instructor and student are present in the training car.

Pass Plus
A scheme set up by the DSA to encourage newly qualified drivers to undergo further training with an ADI in a wider variety of road and traffic conditions than is required for the practical driving test - more details

Potential Driving Instructor. This is someone who has passed parts one and two of the ADI examination (there are three parts in total). PDI's can give driving tuition to paying pupils.

When the instructor teaches one student, who is driving, whilst their is another student in the back observing.

Pink Badge
The badge displayed in the training car of a trainee driving instructor (PDI) - pink badge

Refresher Lessons
Lessons for qualified drivers who haven't driven for a period of time and need to brush-up on their skills or need a little extra confidence.

An advanced driving test which grades successful candidates into gold, silver and bronze grade.

Under 17 Driving
Lessons for students under the age of 17. These lessons will take place on private land.