Learner Drivers Car Insurance - A Guide

Learner drivers car insurance is compulsory for any learner driver who has private driving lessons (lessons provided by someone other than a professional driving school or driving instructor). The minimum level of car insurance cover that is required is third party.

Learning to drive isn't cheap. The average cost of learning to drive is now around £1000. Due to these costs many learner drivers have additional free lessons that are provided by a friend, or more commonly a family member.

If any learner driver chooses to have these additional, private lessons then they must make sure they are insured to drive the car the lessons are held in. It may be that the owner of the car already has adequate insurance cover to allow these lessons to take place. However, this is rarely the case, and a specific insurance policy will more than likely be needed.

Some learners, as well as their parents think this extra insurance cover isn't required. They think a fully comprehensive car insurance policy will be enough to cover any claim involving a learner driver. This is wrong.

If you plan to have lessons with a parent, or anyone else other than a professional driving instructor, then you must contact the company who insures them and ask about adding yourself to the policy. If you don't then you will be breaking the law. If caught by the police they will have the power to confiscate and destroy the wrongly insured car. You could even receive penalty points on your licence before you have qualified as a full driving licence holder.

Learners Car Insurance The Facts:

Due to the risks involved many car insurance companies don't offer car insurance for learner drivers and will refuse to add a learner to a parent's car insurance policy.

Given this, the best way to get valid cover is to get inexpensive learner drivers car insurance in your own name. This will allow you to have lessons in a variety of cars.